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If you require a highly experienced medical centre in Ajman, please get in touch with Jabal Sina Medical Centre L.L.C. Our doctors have been established providers of ambulatory healthcare for over 20 years, founding the first custom-built private hospital in Ajman. Unlike many medical institutions, our clinic, which operates mainly in primary care, advocates a patient-centred philosophy. This means that we take a shared management approach, placing the patient at the centre of the care process, with doctors and nurses operating in a way that factors in every patient's individual needs and preferences. Moreover, our medical centre in Ajman offers referrals to specialist doctors while additionally educating families regarding the prevention and detection of various ailments. 






General Practice

Our GP team works with corporate healthcare, school health services and health certification. Monitored by experienced and fully-qualified general practitioners, we attend to adults and children with an array of different ailments, running them through a streamlined process. This involves coordination with a supportive team of optometrists, dieticians and physiotherapists to provide assessments followed by proper management that is executed in a collaborative manner. Our medical centre in Ajman runs its GP practice from 7am to midnight.

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School Health

We provide a team comprising of general practitioners, specialists and a school health nurse, working closely in conjunction with parents and the school’s health department to maintain the optimal health of pupils across the Ajman area. This service entails periodic examination, health awareness programs and preventative vaccinations. Our team always aims to provide a confidential service that ensures pupils are comfortable and looked after.

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Family Medicine

Good health can only be maintained by a coordinated collective effort, and this notion applies to families in particular. That is why our medical centre in Ajman operates a specialised family medicine department, working to take total care of the family. We do this through specialists partnering with the head of the family to provide education regarding the prevention and early detection of ailments, along with taking a more specific approach to individual problems within the family unit.

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Whether you require a basic dental checkup or a specialist’s service, most of our dental practice happens under one roof, allowing you to enjoy smooth access to all of the dental services that you need. Encompassing experienced dentists, nurses and reception staff, our staff take incredible care to put the needs of the patient first and treat each individual with the care, compassion and professionalism that they deserve.

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Laboratory and Phlebotomy Services

Through our connection with CAPP accredited laboratories, Jabal Sina takes pride in the meticulous process and strict guidelines that it follows for all phlebotomy services. We always maintain an exceptional turnaround and, through liaising with our network, produce results that are fool proof and comprehensively vetted.

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Patient Education Department

Our medical centre in Ajman is committed to a policy of shared management, dealing with patients in a way that acknowledges and incorporates their preferences into how we construct their care plans. This approach also involves an awareness program, conducted on our premises by specialist doctors to a selected audience every week, which provides information on diabetes, hypertension, obesity, lifestyles, smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, and so on.

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Paediatric Department

Working from 7 am till midnight our Paediatric Department is fully competent with trained Paediatrician and nurses who are updated with the latest safeguarding guidelines and life support skills. The services include well baby check-up, vaccination and walk- in healthcare support for children and young adults.

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department

We, at Jabal Sina, understand that women need privacy and confidentiality when they visit medical professionals and so, we have implemented a system that provides exceptional care for women and girls while also strictly maintaining privacy and confidentiality standards throughout their journey at Jabal Sina. In our Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, our specialist team offers a variety of treatments, including care for infertility, pregnancy assessments, help with family planning, cancer screening, menopause, PCOS, uro-gynaecology, pelvic pain, contraception, perineal issues, miscarriages and various other confidential issues that affect women and young girls.

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Neurology Department

Neurological issues not only affect the older generation, but it can also be a serious problem for the younger generation. It can start with a minor single nerve compression but it can quickly escalate to a long term problem which has to be addressed from the beginning. Our department has facilities for the detection and treatment of various neurological conditions. These include EEGs, nerve conduction studies and much more.

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