Back pain with or without leg pain is becoming more common nowadays it is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor.
There are some measures by which you can easily prevent and treat your back pain & Sciatica.

Back pain can be a simple muscle ache or a disc pain compressing a nerve and pain radiating to one or both legs which we commonly call Sciatica with or without low back pain.

Back pain often develops without an obvious cause, your doctor can identify with a test, examination on a table, or X-ray. MRI is not required in all cases of back pain for diagnosis.

A few common causes are :
Muscle or ligament strain :
Bending & lifting heavy objects / pulling heavy bags or sudden awkward movements can strain back muscles and spinal ligaments and cause back pain.

Bulging or ruptured disc:
Your Discs act as cushions between your backbones in the spine. Sometimes due to compression, a portion of these discs bulge out or rupture & create pressure on the nerve which in turn causes back pain or leg pain.
However, it does not require always operation.

Arthritis :
In some cases, Osteoarthritis can cause back pain, which your doctor can identify it on X-ray.

Osteoporosis :
This is usually back pain of old age or if your bones become porous and brittle for some reason.

Risk factors:
Lack of exercise, Daily routine of long driving without any exercises, yoga or daily walk, like nowadays lifestyle, excess weight, improper weight lifting are common risk factors.
Smoking, other diseases, psychological conditions can be risk factors.

Prevention :
You can prevent your back pain and disc problem by making some changes in your lifestyle, daily routine yoga, exercises, or swimming.
Maintain your healthy average body weight.
Avoid improper & awkward positioning while long time using laptops, Desc tops and mobiles, bending forwards & taking weights.

There is no definitive evidence that special mattresses, special beds, special back supports, specially designed furniture, or stress management programs can treat the back pain/disc problem.
Your doctor can treat you well.





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