Medical Centre in Ajman and Sharjah, Umm Al QuwainGood Health is a gift that is freely available to most of us. Yet we take it for granted and end up having medical issues for which we expect the doctors to have an instant cure.


A Doctor is not God but a facilitator of Good Health. They do a job for which they were trained and groomed just like any other profession. They treat to cure your ailment or keep it under control. But it can only work with your co-operation and will.

“One can take a horse to the water but one cannot make it drink”. Just as the saying goes your health is in your hands. Take charge of it and implement steps to make your physical and mental well-being better.


Doctors see you for just a limited time in their clinic in which they have to make a Diagnosis and chalk out the Treatment but when you leave the clinic you are on your own. Train your brain to make the right lifestyle choices to improve your health.


Most chronic conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart disease, Asthma, Bronchitis, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Skin Conditions can be kept at bay, controlled, and managed efficiently if people spent some time understanding their body and doing what is right for them.


We can start with simple steps like choosing the right food, physical activity, adequate sleep, breathing clean air, having a job we love, healthy social life, and not polluting our brain with negative thoughts, news, and speech.


Like I said, Good health is easy and logical. Let’s not complicate it. Remember to love your body and treat it like a sacred space, give it the best possible nourishment and care.

Also, a periodic check-up with your doctor can help safeguard your health in the long run by preventing disease and controlling it.


Stay Healthy! Stay Blessed!

For everything else, there’s Jabal Sina Medical Centre




Jabal Sina Medical Centre L.L.C
Delivering Healthcare That Works for You

Jabal Sina Medical Centre L.L.C is a flagship medical centre in Ajman from the founders of Ibinsina Medical Centre, an institution that has provided ambulatory healthcare for over 20 years. Having started in 1998, our founders brought substantial investment to create the first custom-built private hospital in the area and we pride ourselves on maintaining a philosophy of shared management with patients throughout the process. Operating mainly in primary care, this approach places the patient at the centre of the care cycle, with doctors, nurses and specialists working together to provide a service that addresses each patient's core individual needs. Our fully qualified team of professionals are committed to supporting you in your journey from sickness to health in a compassionate, caring and confident manner, taking care of all of your concerns and providing necessary referrals.