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Every year the world marks breastfeeding week from August 1st to August 7th.  more  

Developmental delays: some unnoticed facts!

Developmental pediatrics is something that is neglected.   more  

Dr. Abdul Gafoor honored with Golden Visa

UAE Govt. has honored our medical director Dr. Abdul Gafoor by granting the privilege of GOLDEN VISA.  more  

Weekly Tips of 90 secs - 4

"Lung Cancer Awareness Talk" | Jabal Sina Weekly Tips part 4  more  

Weekly tips

"Bed-Wetting" | Jabal Sina Weekly Tips  more  

Jabal Sina Covid Relief Package

Jabal Sina Introduces Covid Relief Package For Supporting The Families Who Are Affected in this Pandemic  more  

Weekly tips of 90 Seconds

Jabal Sina Weekly Tips of 90 seconds by Dr. Pruthaben Verma  more  

Weekly tips of 90 Seconds

Jabal Sina Weekly tips of 90 Seconds by Dr. Abdul Gafoor  more  

Pharmacy Inaugural ceremony

Journey towards a new beginning Inaugural ceremony of Jabal Sina Pharmacy  more  

Mental Health and Covid 19

Mental Health and Covid 19: What we know, What is yet to be Known?  more