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It’s important to ensure that our child’s teeth are healthy and strong. There are many genetic and environmental factors that determine the health of the teeth  more  

Jabal Sina Coloring Competition 2021: Winners announced

Here we announce the winners. Congratulations winners!!  more  

The right food make a difference: Choose wisely

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breast milk as the ideal food through an infant first year of life, and iron-fortified infant formulae as the only an acceptable alt...  more  

Coloring Competition 2021: Back to school

On behalf of international Peace day and Gratitude day celebrations, we have come up with a painting competition.   more  

Good Health is not Rocket Science

Good health is easy and logical. Let’s not complicate it. Remember to love your body and treat it like a sacred space, give it the best possible nourishment and care.   more  

Why picky eaters are so picky?

Infants and children may have a fear of trying new things, so, it is common for them to reject new foods.  more  

That long wait for the contest results ends here!

Hope you enjoyed the Jabal Sina Medical Centre Coloring Competition. Here is the list of our talented participants:   more  

Jabal Sina Medical Centre Ambassador Program

Introducing an exciting opportunity for Higher secondary students to graduates  more  

My dreams about the new year- 2021

An online drawing & painting competition is organized as a part of the New Year Celebration.   more