Dr. Shinu Azeez Rafeeka is a postgraduate dentist from University College London (UCL) and serves as one of the founding members of Ibinsina Medical Centre and Amina Hospital in Ajman, playing a crucial role in expanding the institution into multiple medical centres and pharmacies since 1998. Dr. Shinu is a certified implantologist from Cambridge and trained at LSE (London School of Economics) in strategic decision making. The most popular accredited CME in the Northern Emirates was introduced in 2004 by Dr. Shinu, completing more than 30 events and reaching over 3,000 healthcare professionals. She has worked at Ajman University of Science and Technology as a lecturer. She has published papers in international medical journals and has lectured at various conferences. Along with leading the Aaliya Health and Educational Foundation, which helps the underprivileged in India, she is the Vice Chairman of Ibinsina Medical Centre and Amina Hospital. Dr Shinu has also helped to establish Woodlem Park Public School in India, an educational establishment providing world-class education to different strata of society.