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For a medical centre in Ajman that takes a patient-centred approach, book an appointment with Jabal Sina Medical Centre L.L.C. From the founders of the first custom-built private hospital in Ajman, we have provided ambulatory healthcare, focusing mainly on primary care, for over 20 years and serve a wide range of general and specific medical issues. By adopting a shared management strategy, our doctors seek to provide a highly personalised service that places the individual needs of patients at the core of the care cycle as opposed to making unilateral decisions over somebody’s treatment plan. We deliver the optimal patient experience, taking care of the concerns of not just patients but their wider family, providing referrals to specialist facilities along with a regular stress-free follow up.

For an extremely professional, fully-qualified team of doctors and nurses, please book an appointment at our medical centre in Ajman and we will guide you throughout your journey from sickness to health.




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Whether you require a general health checkup or an appointment with a specialist, please make an appointment with our medical centre in Ajman through the internal booking system.


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